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Why did we decide to do this column – WEDDING COLLECTION?
It’s very simple …
The excitement before the wedding is inevitable ..
And if your professional work is far from the scope of the design, it will be very difficult. Yes, even if your profession is connected with the decor, it will be especially interesting to entrust the care of your wedding professionals.
After all, it’s your wedding! Allow yourself to stay a princess – it’s YOUR day! It is a once in a lifetime! Even if it is not so, but we also strive precisely for this …))))
Wedding – is one day, and training can last for months. It is important to first determine what format will be at your wedding dreams?
What is the format of wedding meropryatiya you want? Pobral keywords wedding themes, and then it becomes much easier to make a decision ..
First, from what you have to push at the words, “I want a wedding” – choice of the theme of their wedding.
It is in this, and we want to help you!