• Terrine of foie gras

    combined with shallot jam and Butter Brioche (160 g)

  • Warm chicken liver

    marinated in Porto with leaf lettuce with roasted pine nuts and fresh raspberry sauce (280 g)

  • The original Caesar salad

    with warm chicken in teriyaki sauce mixed with succulent leaves and homemade dressing Romano Caesar.Dopolnyaetsya slices French baguette (280 g)

  • Salad of stewed goose breast

    marinated with honey and ginger, combined with dried apples, mandarin slices, homemade berry sauce and chips of lotus root (265 g)

  • Carpaccio of caramelized prawns

    with slices of stewed fruit and yellow apples in a sauce Sauternes (155 g)

  • Scallops St.Jaques

    with notes of black vanilla. Supplemented with caramelized pineapple, white pear and mango, stewed pumpkin puree (470 g)

  • Salad of crab and the first phalanx of wild Scottish salmon

    with avocado, soft cream cheese Mascarpone, homemade tomato jam and black truffle butter (250g)

  • Classic tartare

    Kobe seventh degree of marbling. Served with marinated artichokes, egg yolk and warm potatoes. (220 g)

  • Warm salad with veal

    (cooked at low temperatures) with pork belly Felinese, root vegetable pasta, sauteed mushrooms and roasted tomatoes Baku. Complemented by spicy sauce Kim chi.

  • Jamon Serrano petals with warm figs

    Mascarpone cream cheese and slices of wheat (187 g)

  • Village Salad

    ferrous Kumato tomatoes, radishes, young cucumbers, celery and sunflower seeds. Dressed with fragrant oil. (395 g)

  • Stewed beets

    in honey and coriander with roasted pine nuts, arugula and chard leaf in combination with a solid goat cheese El pastor with vinaigrette à la Provance (150 g)

  • Fried cheese Alpine Raclette

    with grainy mustard Beaufor al `ancienne bouquet and spicy vegetables (260 g)

  • Sausages

    30g (Lomo, Milano, Spinata romano, Le Petit Guillaume, Fleur de Guerande, Noisettes, Cecina de Lion, Salame Salsiccia, Mignon, Herbes de Provence)

    Submission – 270a
  • Consomme (chicken broth)

    with the addition of blanched celery and carrots. Served with caramelized young chicken. (1000 ml/250 g)

  • Dubarry

    cream of young inflorescences of cauliflower, stewed butter, shallot broth of rabbit (200 g)

  • Mediterranean soup

    of pureed tomatoes Beef, c blue mussels, cuttlefish, scallops St. Jasques, Norwegian salmon, prawns and Casule of white fish (600g)

  • Homemade pasta with rabbit

    in cream sauce with chips of Corsican sausage Sorry (430 g)

  • Cannelloni baked with homemade milk cheese

    with cherry tomatoes, stewed in herbs sauce Namekko (180 g)

  • Open ravioli with scallops St. Jaques

    young pods peas, spicy artichokes, Kenyan beans and French white sauce (280 g)

  • Black Risotto

    karamellizirovannymi with cuttlefish, shades Petit Chablis and Grana Padano shredded cheese (410 g)

  • Creamy risotto

    with a sauce of inflorescences and leaves of cauliflower. Petal decorated 24-carat gold. (230 g)

  • Burgundy snails

    with a bouquet of fresh herbs and sun-dried tomatoes. Served with warm French baguette.

  • Frog legs

    baked in almond crumb sauce Pesto a la Russe and cauliflower cream. (225 g)

  • Duck leg Sonfit

    with a sauce of red berries and baked yellow apple with cinnamon (350 g)

    1 100a
  • Pigeon fillets

    (cooked at low temperatures), in honey sauce and coriander, with candy stuffed pigeon meat, dried cherries and pistachio green (185 g)

    1 590a
  • Sole fillets Dori

    with cashew crumbs, orange peel, black wine, asparagus and crayfish sauce (320 g)

    1 330a
  • Smoked on alder sawdust black cod

    marinated in soy pasta with Sauternes and Sake. Supplemented potato gratin and tomato jam. (220 g)

    1 480a
  • Black tiger shrimp

    sauteed in butter with lemon and capers Jus, combined with exotic vegetables julienne. Complemented sauce Jumbo (230 g)

  • Warm galantine of fish fillets Congreve

    baked pasta with Takuan, tomatoes, pistachio crumbs and chestnut. Served with rolls of black cod and Coquille crab with black truffle (420 g)

    1 100a
  • Grilled Japanese Wagyu goby

    4-5 degrees of marbling. Served on a hot stone with citrus sauce. Complemented mixed salad (310 g)

    3 300a
  • Tenderloin of Angus breed bullock

    stewed in copper pots, with celery root, carrots, shallots and herbs on an old French recipe under the heading Brioche (480g)

    2 190a
  • Wild venison, a favorite dish of King Renaud

    (prozharka-medium rare) with dried almonds and salt geranskoy on a hot stone. Complemented by mashed potatoes, pear and warm mulled carrot mousse (550 g)

    2 320a
  • Burger Chateau de Fleurs

    with a juicy steak from the meat of wild venison and beef Angus with dried tomatoes, mini-eggs under house Caesar dressing in a warm ciabatta (400 g)

  • Minion of Australian beef breed Angus

    with a warm salad of celery and porcini mushrooms, and black mustard tryufletom (300 g)

    2 120a
  • Carrot ravioli

    stuffed with spinach leaves. Baked with soft goat cheese Pavet (185 g)

  • Wild green asparagus prescription gardener Flair

    cooked in butter and olive oil with Galangal root, chopped almonds, salmon caviar and parsley julienne (200 g)

  • Baked french fries amandine

    with Kenyan beans, shallots, homemade dried tomatoes and baby spinach (270 g)

  • Creme Brulee

    under a caramel crust with a sprig of red currants (125 g)

  • Favorite strawberry soup Princess Orabel

    with hints of young basil and green pistachios (200 g)

  • Duet from cheese ice cream

    profiteroles in the warm chocolate sauce on an old recipe Chocolatiers a Paris (172 g)

  • Warm apple tart

    with cream and pistachio crust Patissiere combined with salty caramel. Complemented Paris chestnut ice cream (290 g)

  • Trio fondant

    of dried plums, candied blueberries with red barberry, raspberry, soft blue cheese, ice cream with coriander and a tube of dried apricots (220 g)

  • Warm chocolate flan

    with strawberry sauce Prestige. Complemented Bourbon vanilla ice cream (200 g)

  • Paradise apple

    salsiccia with pineapple Gold, dried pumpkin, bourbon vanilla and spicy rosemary. Decorated with a sprig of red currants (280 g)

  • Gateau De Mac

    poppy seed muffin without a gram flour with berries and caramel glass. Complemented with lavender ice cream (200 g)

  • Berries of your choice

    (50 g)

  • Homemade ice cream / sorbet

    of your choice (60 g) – Paris chestnut ice cream – Ice Cream Pistachio Florentine – lavender honey ice cream with palm – Sorbet root Galang and pepper Rose – Bourbon vanilla ice cream – Ice cream from black rowan – Ice cream nut praline-cream from the tea roses and red barberry

  • Cheeses

    (30 g) (Cheddar, Perail, Scharfe maxx, Cana de Cabra, La Truffe, Saloio, Munster Marikel, Camambert, Le Tomme de Geneve, Sainte Maure, Comte badoz tunnel, Chef Saveur 20%, Don Cervantes, Gruyere, Old Amsterdam , Gudbrandsdalen, Friburg, Saint Agur)

    Submission – 330a
Terrine of foie gras

combined with shallot jam and Butter Brioche (160 g)