Secrets of Chateau

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A great while ago there was a certain land. The land was famous all over the world. Everything in the land was wondrous: the castles (people called them chateau) surprised everyone who saw them with their luxury, the woods and forests, with a multitude of birds and animals. But the most remarkable thing in the land was a magic garden where there were unusual flowers and trees – all heavy with golden fruit. A new harvest ripened every night, and in the morning the people of that enchanted land could again enjoy the tastiest fruit. But the most important secret of the magic garden was that whoever was so lucky as to taste a bit of those fruit became much happier than before. 


Duke and Duchess

     This land was called Russ-Happy Land and its inhabitants were known as Russ-Happy Landers. The appearance of those people was also remarkable – their women were famous for their beauty and elegance. They liked to pin golden petals from the garden to their beautiful hair, this made their eyes radiate with special attractiveness. Men wore velvet coats which looked like regal mantles on their broad shoulders. They did not have to bear arms. Their honor and bravery were the best proof of their strength. Their language was so melodious that when they were talking it sounded like some magic music. Every little thing in this enchanted land breathed with harmony and happiness.   


         But as time went by something changed in that marvelous world. But the people were slow to notice it at first. Out of idleness perhaps someone said something bitter to someone else, someone envied another person. Nobody even noticed how it had happened but envy and anger finally enveloped the nation. Once famous for their ageless beauty, their women began to grow old in an unpleasing way, the gold petals in their hair dimmed and fell off. Once known for their broad shoulders, their men turned into feeble creatures unable to hold their head upright. People began to develop defects which had been unknown before.

And the garden itself was too beset with unhappiness – the old gardener Fleurgan succumbed to a deadly illness. The magic garden was taken over by lichens and moss, the gravel roads were covered with bushes of thorn. Magic flowers and fruits were being covered with moss before one’s very eyes and were falling to the ground, unripened. The people of that land were aghast at the changes – their beautiful world was fast turning into a thing of the past. Deadly quiet and fear began to rule supreme in the once happy land.


       Nobody knew how to help their beloved gardener, how to make their beautiful world come back. Every evening people gathered under a once majestic tree. The common tragedy brought people together. Someone had an idea – they brought some water from a creek and watered the tree. Nobody knows now who had that idea first. But once they did it… a veritable miracle happened – the old tree sprung a little green shoot in front of amazed Ross-Happy Landers. They all went to work like crazy – all were bringing in water and watering their magic garden. Some laughter was heard – for the first time in a very long time and, lo and behold, in the twinkle of an eye, everything began to change back to their old selves – the trees were growing new buds, new sticky green leaves were unfurling and new flowers were blossoming.

Flower Girl

      One flower was something very special. The rose petals were gently swaying around golden staminas which carried little drops of light reflecting dew. Suddenly the petals waved even more and dew dropped from the flower as if in drops of tears. Wherever those tears fell, emerald grass sprung up. People gathered some of the dew and went to the old gardener Fleurgan. A few drops were enough for Fleurgan to leave his sick bed. When he went out into the garden, the birds were singing, a light breeze was stroking the new fresh grass. Fleurgan turned, his face alight with happiness: “I’ve waited for this moment for so long”, said he, “it’s you, you and only you, that are the source of life. Only you and nothing but you are an enchanted vessel of magic harmony which makes everybody happy!”


         It was then that the people of the magic land realized that the most important thing was the harmony of life, love for one’s neighbor was still alive! Magic music was heard again, all the people of Ross-Happy Land were talking at once, praising and complimenting one another. Fleurgan then opened the old vaults in the garden and served a feast for all the world. All Ross-Happy Landers were helping him, a happy laughter was heard everywhere.

     And I was there too, I ate magic foods made by the old magician and wish the same to you!