The Stone King

head - The Stone King

So, my dear friend, it took many months, days and nights.


Rosschastliviya kingdom prospered, the people were happy and began to simply call themselves “the fortunate ones”. The flower gardener, or “Fleur” as he was now called, recovered and grew wonderful trees and flowers every day. Everyone gasped in marvel at his work.  Visitors from neighboring kingdoms were amazed and wanted the same magical plants in their gardens, too.


Fleur was happy.  He gave all his love to his plants and this love of small sprouts began to pop up all over the place where all the residents enjoyed the unusual colors even in the neighboring kingdoms. 

And this is where we continue our story…


The King of the Magic Kingdom, Renaud by name, decided to have a ball in his beautiful palace. In all corners of the world messengers flew in with the good news. He invited all of the honorable people and the happy families of the kingdom.  No one was forgotten…even the Wizard Fleur. 
On this occasion, King Renaud decided to order and choose a dress from one of the many tailors in his kingdom. Note that while the King was young, he ruled the kingdom wisely albeit he was alone.  He not yet married. And, of course, his most secret thought was to find a bride for himself at the ball.


The tailors all gathered around the king: One brought a velvet dress with extraordinary beauty, another showed one with a gold brocade. But nothing was interesting the king…he was looking for one that no one has ever before seen.

And then one evening, a mysterious man knocked at the gate of the kingdom.  He was so shook his black cloak that no one could even see his face. He said that he had brought to the king fabric, which no one has ever seen and asked him to urgently carry out the king. Portnoy spent in the king’s chambers. For a long time they were talking about something, but after the meeting, the King seemed changed – and then he talked about the extraordinary fabric so fine that not everyone will be able to see it ….
Finally, came the long-awaited day. Gathered all the guests with their wives and daughters – how many beautiful girls had a ball! The musicians played wonderful music, gorgeous tables waiting for their guests …. But everyone was waiting for only one thing – out fine king.


And here, dear reader, I want to tell you a little secret – just before the prom king told about the unusual dress her favorite Flair. Did not like this story of a gardener, but he did not persuade him – too eager to dress this young king.


He just said to him, “I’m glad to see you happy. Only the performance of the true desires make a person happy, the performance of illusions desire to make miserable. True love does not need your clothes – she needs a loving and kind heart. If your dress will turn you to stone in front of everyone – let there pure loving heart that you heal.” 


Renaud listened to the gardener, but he did not believe him; he would very much like to appear in a dress that no one has ever seen.


As the music died down, all the guests became spellbound while looking at the center of the room. The king looked stunningly beautiful in a magically sewn dress with cloth that could not be described.  This is really no one has ever seen.


King stops, raises his arms to greet the guests and … can not say a word … Dress for the king begins to turn to stone, turning to stone the King!


All in a panic began to scatter in all directions, fearing the same fate. Around the shouts of terror, panic …


Only one girl – the princess of a neighboring kingdom, she came to the ball after all – not lost – boldly went to the Stone prince and kissed him. The kiss was so hot, it melted the magical curse. Dress stone crumbled to pieces and the king awoke from a dream.


Orabel (that was the name of the girl) was there, Renaud could not take my eyes off her. Their eyes met – the prediction came true magician!


They looked at each other, their long look penetrated deeper into the soul of everyone. That each other, they were looking for all my life …


Musicians took their places – music was heard. Again the voices and laughter. Thousand glasses stood up, praising the savior king. And already it was impossible to believe that loving one pure heart could prevent trouble.

Ball went on as if nothing had happened …