The Sugar City – 2015

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And so, our dear reader, another year has gone. Our Princess Louise grew up and soon she was to turn 17. It was Christmas time, when miracles happen, and the spirit of festival wraps the entire world… so Louise decided to embark on a journey. When she was a little girl her godfather Fleur told her a lot about a rather unusual place called the Sugar City.

So it was there that our Princess decided to go.

Having said goodbye to her parents, Louise left for her trip. The new adventures called her, filling her soul with amazing joy and promising forthcoming changes.

Yet, upon leaving the gates of her kingdom, the young girl realized she did not know where to go… Louise sat on a small stone, lost in thought. She wanted to be an adult, to see the world, but what could she do? Where did she need to go???

Suddenly she saw an Ant running right past her feet.

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Why wouldn’t she speak to him? Yet how? Being an Ant, he was unlikely to understand her!
«Ant!» – called Louise. What a miracle! The Ant stopped, looked up at her and said: «Why are you shouting? I can hear you perfectly well!»

Louise was absolutely speechless! She could talk to the Ant!!
«Have no fear, this gift was bestowed on you by Fleur the Magician so you were not afraid to be alone on your trip! You are looking for the Sugar City, right? Let’s go, I’ll show you the way», he said.

Overjoyed, Louise jumped to her feet, picked the Ant in her hands and happily walked along the path.
– Tell me about this city, – asked the girl. – Is it true that wonderful sugar people live there? That they live in sugar castles and sleep in caramel beds under the cotton candy blankets?
IMG 1321= - The Sugar City – 2015 – Yes, this is absolutely true, – sighed the Ant. – True, as well, that instead of grass there is sugar sand in the city, the castles are built from sugar bricks, and instead of food they drink sugar water. But things have changed now, and sugar people are in great trouble!
– What happened?- exclaimed Louise.
– Everything was fine right until recently. The citizens excavated sugar and exchanged it for water. Everyone was in advantage. But then a violent king came to power, he ordered a high, prickly, caramel fence to be built around the magical city and not to let anyone enter under the fear of death.
– But why??? – Louise was on the brink of tears. – Why is the king so violent?
– This I do not know. – The Ant quickly jumped off her hand. – Here you are, bye, I can go no farther… – And so he disappeared in tall grass…
– But where do I go next? – was the only thing Louise had time to ask him.
– Go forward until you see the tall white spires of the castles, – heard she his voice from afar.

Upset that her friend left her, she went forward on her own. Suddenly she heard someone’s tweeting at her ear: «Louise, don’t be afraid, I shall help you!»

She looked around and saw a small Sparrow flying next. «Where do you know my name from?», she asked.
– All animals, birds and insects know your name and where you are going. Fleur the Magician asked us to help!
Once again Louise thanked her godfather to herself.

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– Tell me what happened in the Sugar City? Why is the king so violent?
– Fine, I’ll tell you. The young king is really neither violent, nor evil! When the old king was dying, he bequeathed his son to rule honestly and to defend justice, and to take care of the sweet people and not to let anyone offend them. He also bequeathed him the recipe of the cotton candy, which is a very complex chemical process, needed to be looked after carefully. The young king was so devastated after his father’s death that he all but stopped looking after his kingdom. Little by little things began to change. The Sweet Kingdom was always open to visitors, and crowds of onlookers scurried everywhere. But now the streets are dirty, the snow-white sugar has turned grey-and-ash colour, and the walls of magnificent white castles are covered with ugly graffiti. So, in no time has the beautiful city become a dirty, trampled place of tourist pilgrimage, – sighed the Sparrow.
– But the worst thing is that something bad is happening in the cotton candy laboratory. All citizens, ministers and the King use the candy everywhere: they eat it and use it as a blanket when it is cold. Day by day things are only getting worse, and violence is growing like a snowball. The king’s heart is getting more and more like a frozen icicle. He signed an order to form military troops and put the generals in charge who teach the sugar people to shoot and kill others!!!


And the Sparrow fell woefully silent. Louise was listening to him but could hardly believe her ears: «How could this happen?»

The young girl was entirely upset. With sadness looked she upon the snowy white spires of the castles.
– I heard that a big Wise Owl lived not far from here. Perhaps, she could tell us what to do? – exclaimed the Sparrow after a long thought.
– Of course, let’s run! – the Princess had a glimpse of hope, and friends ran to look for the White Owl.

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The big White Owl seems to have been waiting for them, and she attentively listened to their stumbling story. Then she looked at them with her sad, big eyes:
– You have arrived just in time, another few days, and nobody would be able to save the Sugar City. Producing cotton candy is a very complex process. You need to follow all the intricacies of the ancient recipe. If you make a mistake, the Cotton Candy will bring you death. But now production has gone out of hand, and here is the result. Only this magical elixir can help, take it. If you manage to sneak into the city, pour it into the central well, and gradually the deadly wapours will drift away, and reason will return to poor citizens. As for the king, only you and your warm soul can help him. But you must hurry! Another few hours, and nobody will be able to help them!

Louise grabbed the elixir and ran off with the Sparrow. But when they reached the tall fence, they realized that they could not get into the city. What could they do?

Neither the Sparrow could lift the heavy bottle on his own, nor could the Princess climb over the fence. Not sooner did they stand still, not knowing what to do, as they saw ants and sparrows hurrying to help them. The ants wrapped the bottles with grass, and sparrows picked it and brought it over the fence.

Once they poured the elixir into the central well, they returned.

It was getting dark, and the friends were so tired, they fell asleep and saw some turbulent dreams.

In the morning the sun was shining so brightly that the prickly fence began to melt. Louise could barely breathe, as she looked at all the changes. The gates of the Sugar City opened, and the young King went outside to meet Louise.
– Good morning!
– Good morning! – echoed him Louise. The girl took icy royal hands in her hands, and the warmth of her eyes and hands penetrated his ice-cold heart, and it began to melt, and everything began to sparkle with many colours, like in the most magical dream.

The warm regard has an amazing power. It bestows upon us a special feeling that gives us strength to Live, Believe, and Love!